“Like his successors, Zero Mostel, Chaim Topol, or Harvey Fierstein, StarStruck’s TEVYE (Fiddler on the Roof), Doug Jabara, is equally stage-commanding — adding humor and heart to this dynamic cast.”
— USA Today, January 2017
“Doug Jabara as Tevye was a home run. I loved him immediately and it was simple to fall into his story and feel his hardship. I went from “maybe I was going to be partially interested” to being completely swept into his story within minutes. He was the perfect choice and absolutely convincing as the struggling father and milk man.”
— Stuart.MacaroniKid.com February 2017
“Doug Jabara is a delightfully exasperated Sergeant (Funny Face) and does a nice job with the new but abbreviated song, Dance Alone With You.”
— TheaterScene.net, October 2016
“Doug Jabara’s Franklin (1776) is some of his best work, blending song and dialogue in a seamless performance of the quote-spouting wise old man.”
— ArtsImpulse Boston, July 2015
“Jabara closed the first act (Jacques Brel is Alive, Well and Living in Paris) with an intense reading of “Amsterdam,” a song about the desperate fury of debauchery. You could see the spittle flying.”
— The Boston Globe, June 2014
“Doug Jabara gives one of the best performances of the year (as Dan in Next to Normal) as her desperate, perplexed husband. Jabara could give a master class on stillness: When his heart is completely broken, he just sits without moving. And we feel the pain.”
— Boston Arts Review, January 2014
“Doug Jabara (as Jud in Oklahoma!) has a marvelous, dark bass and brings out the bitter, ominous dissonances in “Lonely Room.’’
— Boston Globe, July 2011
“In the central role of the Baker(Into the Woods), Doug Jabara is affecting and strong. His singing is imbued with a deep sense of character and his solid acting technique keeps us riveted to the story of the childless man’s quest for the magic tokens that will make the witch lift her curse from his home.”
— The Boston Globe June 2010